Safeglass for Train Safety

How Train Safety is improved with Safeglass

Train safety is a major concern for all Train Operating Companies. Safeglass helps to improve break glass systems by ensuring the "glass" can be broken with minimal risk of injury.

Before we came along, real glass was used and there were complaints that passengers could cut themselves if they had to use the equipment in an emergency. Sometimes a resin called sugar glass was used to replace the glass but it was very weak and not suitable for a busy train.  It also left behind a powder substance if it got broken which would interfere with the doors.

Safeglass is an alternative to real glass and it can increase safety on trains. It is designed to mimic some of the properties of real glass but when it is broken, it forms pieces that can be handled safely. This means the train is safer for passengers and safer for staff.

Award Winning Safeglass is the ideal material for break glass safety equipment because it was specifically designed for this task. It is a versatile material making it suitable for a variety of jobs.

Some examples of Safeglass at work are:

Emergency Door Release

Curved Panel, Screen Printed
Train Safety

Emergency Access

London Underground
train safety

Access to Alarm

Screen Printed and grooves to aid breaking
Train Safety

Clear break-glass panel

Used commonly throughout the Rail & Bus Industries
train safety

Most of our work is bespoke and project driven.  We can help to make old, legacy parts into Safeglass as well as provide solutions for new trains.  We have a range of off-the-shelf products which are commonly used throughout the Rail Industry as well as being able to offer a design service for other parts.

Please see examples of our work for more information.

If you need to improve train safety with safer break glass, please talk to us.