Break Glass in Emergency

Break glass in emergency - we have all  seen the signs  but would you smash a piece of emergency glass to reach the safety equipment? Of course not! That is why Safeglass was invented.

Safeglass is the only material specially modified to mimic some of the properties of glass but it does not cause injury when broken. It was specifically designed for emergency break glass replacement.

Safeglass was designed for emergency glass replacement and in direct response to concerns about safety and break glass. Before Safeglass came along, few alternatives to real glass existed. Breaking real glass to reach emergency equipment can be dangerous.

Safeglass is used for break glass on trains , buses and in buildings for use on emergency equipment.


  • Safety – Breaks into pieces that do not hold a sharp edge and are therefore safe to break.
  • Strength – Brittle enough to break in an emergency but stay intact for normal exposure to the public.
  • Colour – Safeglass is normally supplied clear but can be made in any colour. It can also be screen printed or use labels.
  • Shape – Mould it into any shape to meet your purposes.

Safeglass is an Award Winning material.  To find out more about what Safeglass, click the buttons on the right or see our case studies page.  Please Contact Us to discuss your needs.

Safeglass is the only material specifically designed for emergency glass replacement. It is therefore a great material to use for break glasses and its versatility makes it suitable for many uses.

Alternatives to Safeglass break glass

break glass toughened

Sometimes toughened glass is used for break-glass, particularly on buses.  Most people can find this quite difficult to break.

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edr for trains

Other plastics, such as acrylic or polycarbonate, can be weakened using grooves or other methods.

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