Break Glass Replacement on Buses

When you need a break glass replacement to protect emergency equipment on your buses, why not use Safeglass, the material that was specifically designed for this purpose?

No other material is made with the sole aim of providing a break glass solution.  Before we came along, real glass was used and there were complaints that passengers could cut themselves if they had to use the equipment in an emergency.  Sometimes, toughened glass was used.  Whilst this can reduce hazards from broken glass, it is extremely difficult to break.  In fact, you might need a window hammer or other sharp instrument to break it, which defeats its purpose!

We work with all the major bus builders in the UK as well as a few in Europe.  We can provide break glass covers for hammers, fire extinguishers and other emergency panels.

Break Glass Replacement for Hammer Boxes

break glass replacement

We not only produce a break glass replacement for the glass, we also make Hammer Boxes which we supply assembled and ready to be fitted!

We have a range of off the shelf hammer boxes with various options, for example, flush-mount or surface-mount. Hammers can be supplied with or without a handshield and can even include a cord to prevent theft.

We can also make bespoke enclosures for your specific purpose and in the colour that fits your fleet (subject to quantity).


You do not have to use Safeglass as a break glass – the main alternatives are:

Toughened Glass: Very difficult to break as it developed as strong glass for windows in buildings and transport.  Toughened glass has generally been phased out of buses.

Plastics: Difficult to break away but can be used if specially constructed to assist breaking. Plastics are versatile but were not designed for break glass.  If you would like to use a plastic, such as acrylic, for your break glass replacement, we can help with the design.

Glass: Some bus operators have glass, this is not recommended since the broken pieces can be dangerous to handle.

We can supply these alternatives but would not recommend the 2 glass options.  Plastic which has been adapted to assist breaking can work well and whilst it is a viable alternative, we prefer Safeglass when it is at all possible.

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