cnc Machining

CNC Machining in Scotland

We’re very proud of our CNC machining capability in Scotland. We have several high precision machines and work mainly in plastics.

Most of our work is within the Rail Industry but we have the capability to machine for other customers. We have a great deal of knowledge about the plastics and processes we can employ. We often work with plastic sheets compliant to EN 45545 which has a very high fire rating.

The main occupation of our machinery is in the production of Safeglass. We make our own material in-house in pelletised form. This is sent out to be injection moulded into sheets. We use CNC machining to finish the product by cutting it to shape and size. There could be further processing, such as screen printing.

We can process other materials, such as our recent work for a rail company where we were asked to design a changing coach indicator to help orient passengers. This involved some assembly work, another service we can offer customers.

Our engineers are able to work with our customers to ensure a high quality service. We often find ourselves designing parts for customers.