About Safeglass Ltd

safeglass break glass

What is Safeglass ® ? Well, have you ever had to break the glass in an emergency? Ever wondered what would happen if you did? Would you cut yourself? Would you be strong enough?

Back when we started in 1996, the break-glass in emergency equipment was just REAL GLASS! So yes, it could be difficult to break and perhaps even cut you.

We at Safeglass (Europe) recognised this and developed a safer alternative. We modified existing polymers to make a product which would be easier to break and would be much safer than glass.

Safeglass ® was the award winning material we developed and we opened our doors in 1997 to commercialise the idea. Since then, we have expanded our product range to include other break glass materials, emergency escape equipment, hammer boxes and other plastic products used mainly in rail and bus interiors.

Safeglass ® is the world’s first material specifically designed for break glass use. It replaces real glass because it overcomes the obvious dangers associated with breaking real glass. Our Managing Director first hit on the idea when he used to work in the special effects industry where sugar glass is used for “glass” props. This is made from a resin by hand. The challenge was to find a way to mass produce it.

We have an enormous amount of expertise regarding our own patented material as well as using other materials for break glass use, such as plastics and toughened glass.

Our journey over the many years has seen us move from a small office unit to larger accommodation which includes offices and workshop space. This has meant we have been able to expand our capabilities and allowed us to invest heaviliy in the machinery we need.

Our main customers come from the Rail and Bus Industries. Clients include Bombardier, Siemens and Stadler. In the UK we supply most of the Train Operating Companies such as Scotrail, South West Trains and Virgin.

Our product range falls into the category of “highly specialised” and we are able to manufacture small batch runs.

We also recently diversified into manufacturing 3D printer filament. It uses similar techniques to making the raw Safeglass ® material and we were able to use our expertise in polymers to develop the products.